Welcome to Surreal Places 3D digital art galleries. Choose a category of 3D images and a thumbnail sheet will come up.
Each thumbnail has a description and details of the 3D image. Click on the 3D thumbnail image to get the larger image.

Some of the images tend to be fairly large, but if your internet connection is via Cable Modem or xDSL you'll be fine. Dialup connections may be a little bit slow. The images tend to range from about 90K to 250K with the average size image around 160K. The images on the website are made using Bryce 3D or 3D Studio Max and are 3D digital art images. Most of the images are 3D cityscapes which are my favorite choice of images to make. Some of the images are simple and hopefully will make interesting wallpapers. Happy surfing!

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Click Here for A Bryce Tutorial on Cityscapes and Buildings

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